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to “Be Pure Inside by Carina Barbosa”

My name is Carina Barbosa, I’m a holistic therapist, I talk about spiritual and motivational topics, I give consultations and workshops, where I help people to find their path, forgiveness, release traumas, overcome obstacles in life, discover the purpose of life, and many other challenges that will not let us to move forward. I still have a connection with healthy food – I’m a vegetarian (see below my path to vegetarianism/veganism) and author of the Portuguese cookbook Cozinha 100% Vegetal e Saudável – I give lectures, courses and workshops about wellness and healthy food.

This online space is where I share my life stories, myself learning, my spiritual path. This is the place where I share the asset that I believe is the best for you, that will help you raise your light energy. Here you can also find many healthy recipes to find a Universe of opportunities, LIGTH and LOVE.

“When we allow ourselves to look with our spiritual eyes, we can achieve everything we want.” – Carina Barbosa

When I was young I have been through several challenges. Those moments seemed painful, timeless, and full of questions. I didn’t understand why I had to face them and why this were happening to me. Until I discovered that those situations, served to develop all that I needed for today to be in full, to be able to help all the people who come to me. Life really gave me a lot of challenges, but it also gave me a lots of opportunities and joys. It’s with this incredible mix of emotions, that I can now also focus on you too.

To introduce you a little of my way to get here – In 2005 I finished my Journalism course, I always loved writing and communicating. Today I’m a writer and I published my first book – Cozinha 100% Vegetal e Saudável. A book full of delicious recipes, plant based only. I finished my Degree in Computer Science Engineering in 2011 and in 2013 I graduated as a Master in Computer Science Engineering. I have always been very involved in the technologies and these courses were what helped me to hide something inside of me (discover why below). Today in partnership with my boyfriend (Artem Umanets), I make applications for mobile phones, with the certainty that technology has also arrived, to help us in our spiritual evolution. After 2012 I did several courses related to spirituality to instruct me more in this world, which opened the doors to something that was familiar to me, but that was hidden in me.

Spirituality has again opened my light

At the age of 16, I began to feel that I was different from other people, since then I had received a huge information that my path should be dedicated to spirituality. Although younger already had many peaks of sensitivity, at that time I wasn’t very aware about the spiritual details. I didn’t have an easy childhood, I had to face a lot of obstacles and face some more complicated missions. In the course of all the setbacks that have arisen, I’m glad that I still had the opportunity to play and grow inside my childhood with happiness. Those difficult setbacks were very positive for my future.

Later I began to notice that I had a force inside me, that helped me deal with the problems in a magical way – I realized that I was developing self-techniques that helped to attenuate and even to eliminate the wounds caused by bad experiences.

The years went by and when I was a teenager, my spiritual side began to scream louder, to show me that something was hidden. But with every detail I tried to bring out, it was a mockery of friends and people who heard or knew me. In an attempt to be equal to all others – I have hidden whatever sensations, visions, or thoughts I had. I ignored them completely, so that my life was equal to another teenager. To hide all these senses, I decided to study a lot – go to the university, take my course, work in my area – and one day, be someone (that’s how I thought, that’s how our society makes us believe). Today I don’t see them as bad choices, I have chosen courses that I can fuse today and that help me in my spiritual work – both the Journalism course and the Computer Engineering course, opened the doors for me to be able to develop everything that I can do today for you guys.

I ran away from spirituality, but it didn’t give up on me

I remember hearing stories, one that comes with a spiritual Gift, must at least be able to reconcile this Gift with all other activities; or if possible dedicate the professional life to this Gift – know how to enjoy and still be able to help other people with the magnificent Gift that the person brings in this life. Because, otherwise, life can’t follow the path to which we set ourselves when we decide to come to earth to evolve.

But still, I didn’t want to be a part of spirituality. I believed that if we could completely ignore these Gifts, they would disappear, but this didn’t happen. What really happens, is life never smiling at us completely. There are always good situations happening, but the course of life is much more complicated and controversial when we want to close the doors to something so positive that has been offered to us – the Gift of spirituality.

We all have spiritual Gifts, we all bring the light within us And we can devote our lives doing a lot of light work for ourselves. But some of us bring more developed Gifts, so they can help others who are in need of discovering the light within them. It was from this, that I always fled – the gift that I carry inside me, which I knew was dedicated to helping other people. I began to accept and believe that I had all the potential to further develop the spirituality that is in me. The evidence was growing, and doubt was getting overwhelmed by certainties.

Today I’m here, to help you and to accompany you in your evolution and spiritual ascension, in the purest way that I know how to do and to be. That is the shape of LOVE!

If you need support to go through some trauma, some situation in your life that isn’t in accordance with what you want. If you want to discover your spirituality, discover forgiveness, love, or if you have some doubts and fears in life. Please contact me through the Contacts to know the best way to get together, to find the magnificent vibration that is in you.

– How I became a vegetarian –

I only eat plant based food. I’m currently trying my best to follow a Vegan lifestyle. It all started in 2002 when I was studying in the Journalism course. In one of the intervals I was eating a sandwich with meat (I think it was ham), beside me was a colleague/friend of mine (of a different course of mine), this friend of mine was vegan – at the time didn’t know this term, was far from knowing that it was a lifestyle that LOVES and PROTECTS all the animals. And it was in a very simple conversation with him, that everything started.

– “Have you seen what the animal had to suffer so you could eat that sandwich?” asked this my friend
– “But what animal!?” I asked – I wasn’t seeing any animals on my sandwich. We see the meat, fish, milk and eggs, as a simple products that we go to the supermarket to buy and we don’t see as animals or elements of exploited animals.
– “Yes, to have the meat in your sandwich, the animal had to suffer painfully. From the time he was born, until the day he was killed.” My classmate replied in a subtle, yet assertive tone.
– “I don’t eat anything of animal origin. Meat, fish, milk, eggs and honey.” Replied quickly.
– “Don’t you eat meat?” I asked, trying to believe that it would be possible for anyone not to eat meat.
– “No, I don’t.” He said, looking down, catching my eyes and with a smile that (yes it is possible!).
– “Well, you’re right. It’s a wonderful, I never thought of that.” I also replied with an embarrassed smile – I still had the sandwich in my hand.
– “You have much more food to eat, which is plant based” – He concluded.

We talk a little more about this, but I remember that his stories made me question more and more. I folded the napkin and lowered my hand in an attempt to hide the sandwich. I was a shamed that I had never felt. It was like a cloak of shyness and remorse falling on me. Today I know that I didn’t understand everything he said to me, there was no internet that there is today and the knowledge on this subject was very scarce. But inside me, I felt that I was acting bad when consuming that sandwich. My spirit could already make itself heard, now a little more. I was silent, I did not know what to say to him. But I remember him, respecting my moment of reflection and I felt that he knew perfectly to be in his position while I was searching my path.

That same day when I got home, I had the idea of sharing the little knowledge I had with my mother.

– “I don’t want to eat more meat! The animals suffer so much for us to eat them.” I said very quickly as soon as I saw her come home.
– “I have a colleague of mine who does not eat meat. I don’t want to eat either!”. I continued without stoping.
– “So good, I don’t want to!” My mother answered me very quickly.
– “I never liked eating meat, because I always thought there was something wrong. So when we have the knowledge they suffer tremendously. It’s more of a certainly, to leave it totally.” She happily said because we are entering in a new world.

It was a feeling of total freedom, I had my mother by my side, a decision of awareness that took me so far in my life, without even knowing it. This moment was a milestone in my life. We are in 2002 and I had no idea that 14 years later I was going to release my first book Cozinha 100% Vegetal e Saudável. With that decision, we chose to take out all the meat that was in our house and my mother gave to those who most needed (the meat was already bought, so we were going to honor what was already invested and with the thought that (while eating that meat, they don’t buy others)).

Get rid of what no longer suits you, So you can continue to walk

The years went by and I kept my food like that – I didn’t eat meat; but ate fish, milk, eggs, and honey. Maybe that day, I didn’t realize that he was a Vegan (a Vegan don’t consume any product of animal origin). I didn’t know the word Vegan and so it meant nothing to me. With this small change in my diet, I began to see differences in me. I felt purer on the inside of me, more honest with myself. That feeling of discomfort at night had passed. I had practically no constipation (which up to that point was so uncomfortable). I still had some discomfort when I ate fish, and I often lay down very ill. In those days, being vegetarian was something out of the ordinary and often thought that it would be to follow some kind of religion. To which I always said that it wasn’t and that it was for the animals. But all this, made some confusion to those who knew that I didn’t eat meat. There was no much content on the internet that exists today and even the awareness of people was not the same or similar to today. But I started to like being more and more “vegetarian” – I called myself like that at the time, just for not eating meat. Today I know that being vegetarian isn’t only not consuming meat, but also isn’t consuming fish, milk, eggs and honey.

We were in 2012 when I met Artem (my boyfriend) in an IT company. We worked in the same place, which meant that we had lunch together with our co-workers every day. At that time being a vegetarian, was being different. They had a lots of questions to ask me, and I responded in what I knew. When I talked to Artem about food, I would ask him many times why he ate sausages, he would answer that it was because he liked it, because he was used to it, and because… He didn’t know why he ate them anymore. Without wanting to force, because we don’t have to force any choice. The path of each one of us is the one that we have to go through. One day I showed him how the sausages were made and how they came to the plate. Then I showed him how the meat comes to the production of the sausages. In the first video, he was a bit annoyed about how the sausages are produced, but in the second video, tears streamed down his face. As he became so aware of what was happening behind all the production of meat, his spirit now expressed itself with freedom. Something he had never felt, known or realised. I just showed him the options and let him make his choice, follow himself his own way. The one she knew was right for him.

Our way, it is we who have to go through it

It’s been a year. One day he told me that he didn’t eat meat for 1 week. I was glad, but I thought he could not bear it. But Artem was really making a change for himself. The choice for the love of animals, can not be forced, must be from the heart. It’s with this feeling that everything changes. It’s with love that we make the best choices. It’s been 3 months since he took the meat off his feed, I still remember eating a fish dish (squid with mashed potatoes).

– “Have you ever thought that fish suffer as well, how do terrestrial animals suffer?” He questioned me, questioning himself as well.
I was in silent… I couldn’t argument with the invasion of thoughts that popped into my mind.
I was chewing and I knew I had to swallow it, but my body said no.
– “But do fish suffer like other animals?” Without much believing, I tried to fight back, to see if I had any reason for what I said.
– “I think they do. I get confused eating fish.” He said, twisting his nose and looking disgusted.
– “With what you’re saying, it also starts to bother me. I can barely swallow.” I tried to follow his reasoning.

We went to do more research on the subject and saw a documentary “If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls – Paul McCartney”. It was the video that made us question more. It cost me to accept that I was capable of such a change. I had always said to myself – “I don’t eat meat, but fish I will never give up, much less eggs and milk.” At the end of the video, we were both trying to hide our sensitivity, and the trembling in our eyes tried as hard as we could to catch the tears.

– “Would you like to start being Vegan?” Artem asked me. But that question had two directions, it was also for him.
I was unresponsive for seconds.
– “But what are we going to eat? …but what about the cheese? …and the eggs?”
I asked, fearing that the response would be exactly what he said.
– “Vegetables, cheese and eggs we do not eat, other things…” he answered very determinedly. It was something in him that motivated me a lot in my change.
– “Do you think we’re capable? It feels good to think about it too, but it seems so radical.” I interrupted the phrase, it was still very formatted to the tastes and textures, but a part of me said “you can”.
– “Of course we are. We left the meat and we do not miss it, soon this change will be the same.” He said, already with a tone of certainty and an expression on the face that conveyed that everything was possible.
– “I know it exists, tofu and seitan. My mother sometimes buys and they very well replace the meat and the fish.” I concluded, now with immense certainty that this was the best choice in my future diet.

And that afternoon we made the decision. We stopped consuming fish, milk, eggs and honey too! Artem was the one who made me wake the rest that was asleep. My eternal gratitude to Artem, who took away the sale that covered my eyes and hidden my heart. I was anxious to tell my mother, who in 2002 accepted so quickly to remove the meat from her food when I told her I wanted to leave. Would she now also will want to remove the fish, milk, eggs and honey?

– “Mom, Me and Artem watched a video and decided that we will also stop eating fish, milk, eggs and honey.” I told her as it was some crazy choice we had.
I talk about some passages in the video – how is the life of production animals, their life, conditions, food, mistreatment, suffering, among other details. My mother was absorbing everything I told her.
– “You want to see the video we saw, to know if you want to leave too?” Without her being able to say anything, I asked the direct question.
– “I don’t! I don’t need to see the video. From what you’re telling me, I also want to stop eating animals.” She replied very quickly and full of confidence.

The decision was made. The most difficult step was taken. I often say in my lectures/talks that the most difficult step is to want to change. Because since we accept to change, the whole Universe comes together to show us, to accompany and guide us The 3 together we decided to embrace this way of life in the best possible way. My mother always proves to me that at any age we can change and accept a new beginning. She is a pillar that I use a lot to strengthen the idea that many people who come to me question – they think that now in adults it is complicated to make these changes. But the most certain thing is always to do them and see how they feel. My eternal gratitude to my mother who is always here full of strength and love to engage and share.

We chose this time to make a different change from the one we made with the meat. As it was a big change, we decided to consume everything we had at home of animal origin (some products we gave, because they would take a lot of time to consume) and whenever we went shopping, we only bought products of vegetable origin. The first few weeks were devoted to taking everything that was of animal origin home and reading labels in supermarkets and markets. When we open the range around us, we discover that we are not aware of what we buy and what we eat. It was refreshing to remove so many evil products that were part of everyday life.

The choice I make today, makes me what I am tomorrow

I know it’s not easy to get the floor under us. Leave everything we are accustomed to and change our food. But it’s when we get out of our comfort zone that magic happens. With the change in my food, I had many other changes – in physical terms, I stopped having indisposition after the meals that I used to have, I totally stopped having constipation and started to see the food in a completely different way and started to have a taste for food. But the change went much further and I also started to see the animals in a totally different way. The love that we can emanate from within us is so big, that it was impossible to have noticed these sensations if it were still at that level that was until a few years ago. With this love to be developed more and more, I began to take a spiritual awareness that until then was hidden from me. The lightness I felt in my physical body, began to develop in my consciousness as a Being of light. The energy we feel is so beautiful that I was sure it came from this choice I had made. Stop eating animals, made me stop consuming that suffering and began to walk in a direction that still helps me to lead the way that I believe is the right one for me.

In this change, I felt the need to research more and more. If before we thought what we would eat, now it was complicated to repeat recipes. There are so many recipes we want to share that it seems impossible to repeat the recipes. So the recipes that we were making at home were so good, that we wanted to register them on an online platform to be always available. But the idea went a little further and we also wanted to help so many other people who were in the same situation. That’s when my Vegan site came out – www.veggitableblog.com. The site grew so fast that when I realized it, I already had many people asking me a lot of questions about food. My interest in writing, was always deep inside me and it was then that I decided to write my first book Cozinha 100% Vegetal e Saudável. A book that has arrived to help everyone transit for 100% plant based in a simple way and with ingredients that are easy to find in supermarkets. My idea is to be able to offer change opportunities so simple, full of color and flavour. Idea that I needed to also be able to take my step of Love. And so it was.

Today, as because I know I’m nourishing my body and I do it with pleasure, because this food is as tasty as it is nourishing. The lightness I can feel today is the one I want to share with you. Learning to eat is so simple, I couldn’t share with all those who are following me here. It’s with all this feeling of love that I share my story and believe that it can make a difference in your choice and in your life.

If you want to change your diet, if you want to feel this great spiritual lightness, but you still have some doubts and fears. Please contact me through the Contacts to find out how amazing this new way of life. You may also be interested in my book Cozinha 100% Vegetal e Saudável (Portuguese version), a book with more than 100 recipes 100% plant based, all illustrated and so simple, that will become an example in the kitchen and in life. This book has helped countless people to achieve a healthier diet in a simple and easy way. And it has proven to be a great ally for those who already follow this diet.

May your choice, can be your best path.

Light and love!

Carina Barbosa