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Filled Chocolate Cups

- Recipe Video below - Catarina and Nuno from the blog, Um Lugar para Viver, invited me to do a recipe for the rubric [>Crescer com Sabores] - a rubric that was created on the blog to "spread the word and raise even more awareness through the preparation of healthy snacks" for the youngest people. [...]

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How the gratitude elevates our life

Gratitude is an instrument that belongs to all of us, is within us all, so it is also within you. Gratitude is pure inner essence that has been with us forever - sometimes it is asleep and waiting to wake up. When we thank you we are in direct connection with the Universe. When we [...]

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Using the Flowers with Consciousness

Flowers are extraordinary beings, they are a pure energy and light. They only seek water (nutrition) and sun (energy). They are on this plane, on this planet, because they are a form of love energy that we need and seek. Each seed, root, stem, leaves, petals, of a flower has it's own meaning and a [...]

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Coconut Milk

- Recipe Video below - Today I bring you another dairy free milk. This is perhaps my favourite dairy free milk and I make it (or we do), often here at home, (but we still vary our dairy free milks). Besides being very versatile, it gives a sweet touch to breakfasts, cakes, desserts and other [...]

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Oat Milk

- Video recipe below - Making dairy free milks is becoming more usual. I used to think that making our own dairy free milk was a time-consuming and complicated process. For that reason I was limited to buying dairy free milk. When I started trying to make my own dairy free milk more often, I [...]

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Porridge with Persimmon

- Video recipe below - Preparing porridge oats does not have to be unpleasant. Oatmeal or porridge sometimes is known to have the same flavor, and the same fruits (bananas, kiwis, red fruits, etc). These porridge recipe, will prove you otherwise. They are very easy to prepare, they have an incredible flavor and a very [...]

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Homemade Soy Yogurt

There are already lots of plant based yoghurts in supermarkets, with or without sugar, however make our own yogurt at home is super easy and we get a delicious homemade yogurt, plus, we know exactly the ingredients we are using. For a while I tried making homemade yogurts, but they never got the way I [...]

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The rediscovery of meditation

A few years ago, in 1999, I began to dedicate myself to meditation. I didn't quite know how to start and what it was expected to do: I bought books, candles, and incense. For a while I seat on the well-rested ground, on a large cushion with a candle and incense in front of me. [...]

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