How the gratitude elevates our life

Gratitude is an instrument that belongs to all of us, is within us all, so it is also within you. Gratitude is pure inner essence that has been with us forever – sometimes it is asleep and waiting to wake up. When we thank you we are in direct connection with the Universe.

When we begin to thank, we just want to thank you more and more, because the energy regenerates itself and creates more bonds of love within us. You can start by thanking for your energy, for the sun that shines, for the rain that waters the Planet Earth, for your house, for your car, for your animals, for your friends and family, for your knowledge that you have already acquired, any thanks is a valid thank you – for any love, is a valid love.

One of the feelings of gratitude I can describe – it’s like a gigantic energy coming in from the bottom up. When we are in gratitude, we feel this energy go through our whole body from head to foot, through all our cells and organs, until it leaves our skin, our pores in the form of constant chills. Sometimes the thrill of gratitude is so strong, so great that our stagnant energy, the energy that is stuck, and our blockages, come out in the form of tears – and that we can perfectly well let go to renew our energy.

Be thankful and feel the energy to be renewed

When we thank we are moving our inner energy and when we do we are also sharing energy, love and connection. When we do, we are sharing this gratitude for those who are close to us, other people, animals or objects. Because everything has energy and all energy can be grateful and grateful.

When we are not grateful, we are not connected to our essence, when this happens, not only does our Being feel, but our body also reacts to the lack of gratitude, reflecting later on in life. The first signs of the existence of [non-gratitude], may begin in our eyes – that is lifeless and begins to semi-close, then reflected in our face that becomes more serious and heavy countenance. Our posture begins to bend, we become more closed in us. The way we see life begins to fade and we begin to lose the connection, the connection with our inner light, with our pure inner essence.

Negative thoughts begin to emerge and overlap with the positive and self-confident. With this, life begins to take care of bringing more of this kind of heavy sensations. It is at this point that some problems begin to emerge that can turn into real nightmares. The gulf of sadness appears and begins to suck the energy in, more and more, then to close it and not let it be free and shine.

Do not allow other sensations, than the love

All that is possible to be renewed, the gratitude has the power to clean everything around us and everything in our interior. We just have to bring back these feelings of thanksgiving, so that all that is not good for us, all the energies that are not welcome, can now go away and be replaced by new energies of LIGHT and LOVE. It is the Law of Attraction – the more positivity we send, the more positivity we will receive. It is a fascinating exchange, because we are able to create our life, at our will.

Some miracles when we begin to thank:

I call it miracles, because the flow of opportunity, love and transformation begin and are so instantaneous that it seems like authentic miracles to happen in our lives.

  • people we need in our lives begin to emerge
  • opportunities are beginning to emerge
  • the doors of success are beginning to open up
  • the posture changes and rises higher
  • dreams begin to manifest themselves
  • abundance begins to emerge to remain

Even if you do not see anything because you are thankful, then be thankful for you are allowed to do it/center>

Gratitude can be constant, even if your life does not seem to want to smile, and several events have taken you to a dead end. The difficulties you may be experiencing can be many – the loss of a family member/friend took away the gratitude of life – You can thank for the opportunity to have had the energy of the family/friend in your life. A situation of lack of money may be one of the cases – but the opportunity for the money to have a lot more is always open because there is still time. One love is no longer reciprocated – but there is always something that comes from the best, even if the moment does not seem to be. There is always time for positive energy to enter life again. We just have to leave the doors open for what’s best there.

It is in the less positive situations that we see the force that exists in us – it is in the positive situations that we see the strong we have. – Carina Barbosa

There are times when it seems that there is nothing that we can thank for, but it is precisely in these moments that we are in the test, and it is in the tests that we have to show our best, the best that is inside us, the best in us. At these times we can be thankful for having this opportunity to be here, it is at this moment that you can thank for having the courage to face the Ego and do something good for you today.

Today is a new day, it’s a day to thankful.

Begin to thank today so that everything that waits for you can begin to walk in your direction. But do it for yourself, for your essence, for your self-love. When you do it you will feel a unique sensation in you, a huge joy, a unique energy, that we can call this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for us, the Universe and all the Beings. When we love unconditionally, we are in gratitude, when you are grateful you are in unconditional love.

Thankful exercise:

Breathe in
See your life in general.
Now think about what you want and what you need to do (at least) to achieve it. (since: success, love, work, school, tests, children …)

“I want to thank the Universe today, because I am here to complete my dreams and my desires. And everything I want is possible to be fulfilled – because if I thought it is because it can be done. Thank you for the strength you give me, so that I can run for my goals and for the energy that I want around me.
Today I want to thank because I can say these words and I can make them my greatest vibration of love.
Today I want to thank because if I have already created in my mind, then now I just need to create in physical space.
Thanks for the energy that surrounds me in this moment of love, thanks for today being a day of thankful.”

If you believe that gratitude will help you in your evolution, in your life, in your Being. If you need support to get out of some blocked energy or something you feel you have no control over, contact me for an appointment, through Contact to know how I can help you find your mission, your purpose, your renewed energy.

Light and love,

Carina Barbosa

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