Is it possible to forgive someone, ourselves or some situation that was not good for us?

Is it possible to forgive someone, ourselves, or some situation that was not good for me or has hurt me? How can I forgive those who have done me wrong? I’ve done something that I can not forgive. Some situation hurt me and so I can not forget it. There are situations in the past, or the present, that may not be pleasing to me, but it is possible to overcome them. We seek freedom, joy, health and success – but at the same time it is important to know that we also want to evolve our Being, to be in connection with the Divine, with the light and with our purest essence.

Forgiveness is a tool that has come to us so that we can work and learn to use it. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, ignoring or avoiding. These three sensations are the tricks of the human ego; these feelings calm our ego and keep it relaxed so that there is no interest in expressing an interest in forgiveness. The ego needs to be always in control and the lack of forgiveness is another characteristic of the ego, which leaves you relaxed and in complete control. When we do not forgive, we are always carrying the energy of the other person, the situation or our own energy from the past. The lack of forgiveness causes us to bear hurts, difficulties and anguish, which will only be released when sincere forgiveness exists.

Forgetting, does not help you to forgive. Forgiving, will help you to forget.

It is possible that the first expression may be: “but I can not forget, so I can not forgive”. It is not about forgetting, it is precisely the existence of the memory that allows us to forgive and learn. All the situations we experience teach us something, which is why we go through so many situations during our lives – because we are always learning from them. Some situations will want our forgiveness, and at that point we have to be stronger, resist our ego and find forgiveness. It is not necessary to meet face-to-face with the person we want to forgive, or even have to deal with that situation that has caused us unwanted feelings. Forgiveness is an energy, and as energy, it travels all the way, it is the energy that comes from us, from our greatest love – unconditional love.

The lack of forgiveness, creates unwanted feelings inside us, disagreements in life, dense energy connections and that cause numerous barriers in our life. Whenever there is lack of forgiveness, there is pain. Even if it is not noticeable the pain exists, because there is no forgiveness. Lack of forgiveness hampers the evolution of Being, hinders and blocks the ascension to the Divine. When there is any pain, with some person, situation or with ourselves, we create energetic strings in our auric field (in our aura), which binds that person, situation or ourselves. These energy strings are constantly working to suck energy. We can visualize them as two-pointed energetic strings. Each of the tips is linked to the two actors (person-person, person-situation, or ourselves-ourselves). When forgiveness comes into play, these strings are broken and energy flows naturally. Without the energy bottleneck, some blocks are removed as well.

Forgive to get yourself free, to go ahead and find your way.

Forgiveness is knowing how to send love …! May seem difficult to accept – because the perception you have is that the situation was serious and could never be forgiven. “I do not need to forgive, because it was not my fault,” or “the situation left marks on my body and when I see them I can not forgive,” these beliefs make it difficult to help forgiveness. Forgiving is not easy and can take several, days, months or even years. The best thing to do is to become aware of the need to forgive, and to do a constant work of forgiveness. When we forgive, we are raising our consciousness and loving ourselves more and more. We can imagine a mirror, whatever we do in front of the mirror, we will get back. If act in front of the mirror is an expression on the ugly face, we will see reflected a hard expression. If it is an assertive movement, we will receive the image of power from the other side. If it is the delicacy of a smile, let us receive a cheerful face from ourselves. Everything we send, we are receiving – forgiveness or any other act both positive and negative, will have the same consequence for us, as it has a mirror – whatever mirror it is, on the other side will always be the same, it doesn’t matter the perspective, the reflection it ours, we received what we send.

It is possible to forgive our friend, our family – mother, father, brother / sister, a current or ex boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife. We do not need to reconnect with these people if our path is no longer on our way. We just need to move on and verify that if that situation that left grief – then led us to learning, led us to a path that has made us grow. Wishing badly, or simply letting karma take care of the situation, does not teach us to raise our consciousness, nor does it allow us to forgive ourselves. Love is always our most precious possession, our great tool for ascension. We have the free will that enables us to make the choice. When we choose to love the other, ourselves or some situation, we are loving ourselves and we are also loving the Universe, when we can love the Universe, we are in full connection with ourselves and with Him (Universe). Sincere forgiveness, will bring us pure energy to our Self, will unlock our blocks and will allow the evolution of our Being. Liberation will be a unique feeling of power, love and well-being.

If you need any information or support regarding forgiveness. If you want to forgive, but you can not because there are many blocks or energies that do not allow you to forgive some person, you, or some past situation. Contact me for an appointment, through Contact or check out my list of Workshops / Courses that I have prepared for you, so you can learn how to forgive. And with this forgiveness you can move on and connect more with you and the Universe, so this can unlock your paths.

Light and love,

Carina Barbosa

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