Using the Flowers with Consciousness

Flowers are extraordinary beings, they are a pure energy and light. They only seek water (nutrition) and sun (energy). They are on this plane, on this planet, because they are a form of love energy that we need and seek.

Each seed, root, stem, leaves, petals, of a flower has it’s own meaning and a cycle of opportunities and evolutions for us.

The Flower
  • Seed: (the beginning of everything) – our birth, our coming to a world of opportunities for evolution and learning
  • Root: (material realization) – our rooting in the earth, the energy of the Earth, our brand here
  • Stem: (the path) – beginning of the journey, the point where everything will start to exist and rise to a high point
  • Leaves: (the base) – where will be our knowledge, our experiences
  • Petals: (evolution) – unconditional love, the purpose of life and love

In this analysis, we see that the flowers are also here to guide us and guide us in our spiritual journey.

Flowers help our spiritual journey

It is common to see branches arranged with flowers to be offered, especially to the ladies. They are offered at various events and times – birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, but also on other occasions such as the day of the funeral.

The flower – looks what it has, it’s life and energy – for this reason, it is so good to observe and absorb their energy. Flowers are Light Beings, which help us to focus more on the nature and energy of love. When we can feel this energy, we will feel how pure it is to observe a flower and treat it consciously.

We can use plants and flowers for our benefit and protection. There are plants that protect and protect the surrounding space, others that bring luck and success, and others that help us in concentration and relaxation. But to get the most out of them, you need to know how to CARE and give LOVE .

There is an inordinate purchase of flowers without roots, just to decorate spaces, without the intention of purifying or energizing. This purchase is made by the ritual of society and the Human Ego – “I want” – “I fell the obligation”, “I’am equal to others”. There is also the habit of passing through a flower, plucking it and throwing it to the ground in a gesture of negligence. In these aspects, we are not giving value to that One Being, with such a pure mission.

If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. – Osho

Still, buying flowers without roots should be a gesture of wisdom and not just of society. By this, I mean that every plant or flower that is plucked and cut off at its root, enters into a process of death – and decomposition. If the utility of this flower is for a benefit of light (because they are beings of love and light) it is a good use. If on the other hand, this use only deals with commerce and society, we are talking about a Being that has been killed and will only decay into a jar, until it goes to waste. The same goes for the vegetables and fruits we buy to consume. It’s a waste to leave the nature we get, to ruin and go to waste.

When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily. – Buddha

I’m not sure of the veracity of this quote

Absorbs the power of flowers, and blossoms the love in you

We can buy flowers (preferably with roots), to decorate a space (the room, the office, the place of our meditation, …), knowing that these will bring us benefits and purity. If you opt for rootless flowers, return the flowers and branches to nature, or just the branches and use the petals in various uses – rose water, lavender water, or prepare in a tea with petals.

Whenever you buy a flower or a plant, feel the energy of it, feel the love it conveys. If you buy with root give him a life of love and nourishment. If you buy without a root, thank them for your presence here in connection with your energy and enjoy all the good energy this flower has to offer you. And in the end give back to nature (it can be in a field, next to other flowers, in the earth, …).

Concentration exercise you can do to use the benefits of a flower (rose)

This meditation technique is called “The Heart of the Rose“. I became aware of this technique through Robin Sharma’s book (spiritual fable), “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” in chapter seven. This book is a spiritual fable and in fiction mode, it tells the story of a lawyer who went to the Himalayan mountains and had his spiritual ascent there. In this book you will find a number of very strong techniques that will help you unlock your path. A book that helps us rediscover our light. A book that has transformed the lives of many people.

Esta é uma técnica que requer prática, assim como qualquer exercício que pretendemos fazer. No livro ele diz-nos para colocar uma rosa fresca para fazer o exercício, no entanto esta prática deve ser feita todos os dias durante 21 dias, o que pode tornar-se demasiado caro comprar uma rosa todos os dias. (como disse em cima, uma flor assim que lhe são arrancadas as raízes começa no processo de decomposição) e neste exercício queremos uma flor fresca. Assim para simplificar, tive conhecimento de que podemos fazer este exercício com uma rosa, ou outra planta fresca dentro de um vaso e assim até vamos fazer este exercício com uma flor viva. Podem comprar a flor que mais gostarem e mantêm-na no vaso.

This is a technique that requires practice, just like any exercise we want to do. In the book he tells us to put a fresh rose to do the exercise, however this practice should be done every day for 21 days, which can become too expensive to buy a rose every day. (as I said above, a flower as soon as the roots are ripped from it begins in the decomposition process) and in this exercise we want a fresh flower. So for simplicity, I have known that we can do this exercise with a rose, or another fresh plant inside a pot and so let’s do this exercise with a live flower. You can buy the flower you like most and keep it in the pot. Or you can buy a artificial rose and do this exercise. In this exercise o just need to observe the pure and beauty of the rose, and this days the artificial plants and flowers is incredible.

Put a rose / flower in front of you. Penetrate your gaze in the center of it, on the petals, and remain meditative for a few minutes. If your mind strays from silence, do not give up, accept the moment, and concentrate again.
At first it may seem difficult or complicated, to maintain concentration, it is because the mind is not receptive to silence, since it is accustomed to the daily agitation of life.

This exercise is just for this, make a habite to the mind to return to the stillness of the mind, body and soul. More and more you will be able to spend more time observing the rose. The center of this rose is your pure essence, the pure essence of the Universe. Dedicate some of your time to the surrender of love, and the evolution of your Being. This exercise can go for 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

You will feel the difference, whenever you enjoy a flower

If you need any information on unconditional love or practice meditation with the rose. If you want to learn to meditate / relax in total silence or learn techniques of request during meditation Please contact me for a consultation, through the Contact or check out my list of Workshops / Courses that I have prepared for you, so that you can learn to meditate in total control.

Light and love,

Carina Barbosa

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