The rediscovery of meditation

A few years ago, in 1999, I began to dedicate myself to meditation. I didn’t quite know how to start and what it was expected to do: I bought books, candles, and incense. For a while I seat on the well-rested ground, on a large cushion with a candle and incense in front of me. I was there, in that position, for a few minutes with me and only with myself, at the time I did not feel any loss of time, I felt such an energy that circulated around me, that was taking me as far as I wanted at that moment. I worked imagination, visualization and with my eyes closed, everything was so pleasant and magical. However, even with that involvement, I failed to do so. The excuses are the most usual – had no time, missing minutes of the day was unthinkable, the exams, the studies, and so on. In the end, every excuse was to avoid meditation – to sit and rest again in that little corner that is only mine, in my comfort, with my higher Self. Something that until months ago, was wonderful and didn’t feel any loss of time.

Your Ego wants you to leave, your Spirit wants your continue.

Days and weeks, months and years passed. Until I completely quit meditation. It was not forgetting, but the “lack of time” screamed louder, and louder. When we allow “lack of time” to manipulate us, we are letting our ego manipulate us as well.

We stop doing so many other tasks that are so beneficial to us, that do us so well, just because we do not have the time or the will to take the step, and we put them aside. I was busy, but I was not busy for 24 hours. I remember that I was in fact very busy, the university has “stolen” almost all the time I had, every minute was occupied by exames, projects, project discussions and presentations. But would not I have at least a few minutes of my busy day to relax? To go back to the corner of my own, where could I talk to myself, feel my light, listen to me or remain in complete silence? There was, of course there was.

Meditation does not steal time, meditation gives us time

Meditation has the magic of stretching time like I had never realized before. Give time? You ask – but it is the pure and sincere truth that I have rediscovered. I have never lost time, any time at all. During my meditations – I can say that they changed my life. At the moment we do not notice the details, because the meditation is smooth and it gives us small steps, so we too let us get used to have our feet grounded. In my meditation moments, I had more time to do what I wanted, I felt happy and always full of ideas. Meditation also brought me creativity, something that I later came to feel diminished over the years. Those minutes we reserve for meditation are very important indeed, so that we can arrange our ideas, our thoughts and all the “junk” that is present in our mind.

The rediscovery of meditation

A few months ago I went back to daily meditation. I started to have time for me, for my only Being. Meditation, returns the relaxation of the mind and with this feeling we can do more activities in one day, because in a little time we do a lot and in a lot of time we do little. Time grew again as if by magic. Meditation calms our body and mind, gives us back the energy and allows us to clean up all that no longer suits us. We can see meditation as our daily practice of hygiene. If we cleanse our bodies, wash our teeth, if we prepare for another day, why do not we cleanse our mind and our inner Self?

Meditating may seem confusing at first, or impossible for some people. But what I can GUARANTEE is that meditation is for all of us. We are all able to meditate, we can all be blessed by the good energies that meditation can bring.

“I need to set aside an hour a day to do meditation, “Gandhi said.
“Oh no, you can’t do that! You’re too busy, Gandhi,” said one of his friends.
“Well then, I now need to set aside two hours a day to do meditation” Gandhi said.

If you want to discover or re-discover meditation, contact me through the Contacts or see my list of Workshops/Courses that I have prepared for you. Come learn to meditate and discover a world so pure that you will devote exclusively to you.

Light and love,

Carina Barbosa

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